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Public Essay Examples

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Mid Term Study Guide

Chapter One Quiz Answer Key Indicate whether each of the following statements is true or false by circling the appropriate letter. 1. T F Public speaking is more highly structured than conversation. 1. T F Using the power of visualization to control stage fright means that you should approach your speech as a performance in…

Defining Public Relations

The question, “What is public relations?” is extremely difficult to define, and has concerned many public relations practitioners and scholars alike. Ask anybody, and more than likely the answers will be different. Public Relations (PR) deals with a broad range of attitudes and methods, therefore, it is not easily defined. Many communication scholars agree that…

Popular culture

Reg Mombassa and Keith Haring are two well-known artists who both represent the pop-art movement. Keith Haring began producing art in New York in 1980 by drawing on subway advertising boards. He felt that this was a good way for him to be able to express his work to the public. New Zealand born Chris…



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Environment and Public Works

Redwood forests are filled with an assorted collection of animal and plant species. These forests are deemed as complex ecosystems wherein “the tallest trees in the world to the tiniest fungi are working systematically in a very delicate balance. ” More so, the redwoods have been discovered to affect the “climate of the river canyons…

Public Relations Student Society

My name is Jessica T. and I am a high school senior. During high school, I have been very focused on academics, and have also been involved with many extracurricular activities. As I prepare for my freshman year at Central Michigan University, my goals are to be an active member of the Honor’s Program, to…

Public Relations

The term public relations (PR) is a campaign anticipated to establish benevolence for an individual or organization appearance. According to Tye (1998, p. 13), one of the initial descriptions of PR was formed by Bernays which claims that PR is an institutional operation which organizes public manners and characterizes the rules, measures and activity of…

Avoiding Future Frauds with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act

It is clear that the establishment of the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) act in 2002 was specific to reducing future financial fraud and imposing criminal penalties for publicly traded companies. What is not clear is whether or not the act has proved to be successful in its implementation and governance. The establishment of the act and subsequent…

Cumming’s unparalleled imagination

Twentieth century – E. E. Cummings’ poems created a stepping stone for his career in order to be considered as one of the greatest poet of the century. E. E. Cumming’s unparalleled imagination and ability to converse with its audience in a non-conforming manner, captivates his audience. E. E. Cummings’ is considered to be a…

Improving Our Public Schools

Being educated is a right, not a privilege. Whether it be in a public or private learning institution, to be educated is still what matters most. In choosing the right school for students is one of the critical decisions to arrive at a settlement. Children growing while learning are the next runners of the economy,…

The Epitome of Public Service

The Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, as Sandra McElwaine puts it, has had her stint with the news media for looking a bit more refreshed, the pseudo-acronym for plastic surgery . Pelosi’s refreshed look tells the story of a firm character and a patriot’s dedicated service to a nation with…

Factors that influence public trust in government

Trust is an intricate interpersonal as well as organizational construct, which occurs when parties who have certain favorable perceptions of each other allow this relationship to develop and reach the expected levels. Trust is an effective way through which social, economic and political relationship transaction costs can be lowered . In political arena, citizens may…

Public versus private school education

When it comes to the education systems, parents are usually faced with great tasks in choosing the best place for their children in line with the public and private education systems. Parents will basically look for a setting which will allow their children to thrive in their studies. May I start by affirming that the…

Public Goods

We are very much familiar with this line “I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way”. Children are considered the hope of every nation for they will soon become our leaders. We all want our children to get everything they deserve to get, receive fair treatment and…

Theory as a Bridge between the Personal and the Public

In his seminal work called “Sociological Imagination”, C. Wright Mills attempts to shed light on the processes and patterns through which individual troubles and public issues are closely related. For Mill, sociological analysis is the key to understanding the dialectics between personal troubles and public issues. II. What Constitutes the Sociological Analysis? The epistemological premise…

Important to the public

The Gallup organization has surveyed American schools for the past 40 years. These surveys, carried over the years, have served as a mirror to reflect the country’s educational achievements, attitudes and perceptions held by various education stakeholders regarding the education system, and to serve as a pointer of reflecting the overall direction of the education…

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