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Politics Essay Examples

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History and Politics of the Mexican Revolution

The Mexican revolution was one of the most significant catastrophe in the twentieth century, which involved four momentous leader by the name of Madero , Diaz , Zapata and Obrengo. According to Alan Knight, author of the article “The Mexican Revolution”, “the Mexican revolution started as a protest of the middle class against the dictatorship…

Music and Politics

A famous artist can have an influence over entire nations through the lyrics of his or her music. Marshal Mathers, aka “Eminem”, has done just that. He uses his rap lyrics and music videos as a pulpit to express an entire generation’s anger at society and government. Eminem is one of the most controversial rappers…

Bureaucratic Politics and Intelligence in the Falklands War 1982

The Farklands war began on Friday, 2 April 1982. The fight was between Argentina and the United Kingdom (UK). The main dispute was over Farklands Islands and South Georgia and the other Islands known as South Sandwich. The fatalities of the violence included many people such as left-wing activists, trade unionists, students and even journalists….



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Nabakov and Orwell: The Politics of World-Building

Nabakov’s primary point in “Good Readers and Good Writers” is to embrace the notion that the best writers create new realities out of chaos in their writing. Good readers, then, must abandon traditional notions of history and socioeconomic theory, and approach works with a sense of imagination and a well-honed sense of aesthetics. Orwell’s famous…

They Say-I Say Liberate Your Own Dreams

In Is the American Dream Over, Cal Thomas elaborates on the article previously published by Bob Herbert, Hiding from Reality. In Thomas’ article he habitually blames the liberals for the government’s decline. He frequently directs attacks right into the faces of all of his readers, whether liberal or conservative. His stance is not only completely…

Pride Before the Fall

It was once said by Abraham Lincoln, “Nearly all men can stand, but if you want to test a man’s character give him power. This quote helped me agree with John Acton Quote, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Based on the fact that there is countless amounts of stories of people…

Cricket and Politics

In South Asia during 1880-2005 politics gained an unusual bedfellow. Cricket was introduced to India by Great Britain for a purpose that was widely discussed. Some believed cricket brought their people together and unified different castes and cultures within India and Britain, some believed the sport was just another way for the British to rule…

Moral, Social and Political Philosophy

Moral, social and political philosophies are fields that share similarities with one another. The most basic and common characteristic found in all three fields is the role and significance of these fields in the manner by which human beings conduct intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships, with one’s self, with one another and with the community. Social,…

Cosmopolitanism: Cultures

The essay “Making Conversation” by Kwame Antony Appiah is a reflection on the term “cosmopolitanism” and the steps people in any nation have to take in order to achieve “cosmopolitanism” and “globalization”. He brings up the point of how all cultures have their similarities and differences and in most cases these differences are so different…

Impotance of Discipline

Discipline is the basis of the whole universe. The Earth, the Sun, the Moon and other plane s, all are governed by a set of laws to maintain perfect harmony and beauty. There will be chaos without this order. Similarly, discipline is one of the basic requirements of a civilized life. Every society has to…

To What Extent Did Public Opinion Shape International Politics in the First Half of the Twentieth Century’

The first half of the twentieth century was indeed a time in history in which things such as two of the most deadly wars, the Russian Revolution, the Great Depression, the foundation of the UN and the start of the Cold War took place. But, were these events at any point influenced by the views…

Hamlet a Domestic Play or a Commentary on Power Politics

In the early 1600s, the time that “Hamlet” was written, the themes of power politics related to the domestic would have been far more relevant to the audience as at this time, these two themes intertwined particularly within the monarchy which is hereditary meaning that the power comes from family. Again this link is demonstrated…

Pluralistic and Elitist Matrix

Introduction Power is an essentially contested concept. Power is an inherently political concept. Therefore, to define power, we should constitute components of political sociology. Power is the ability to share, exercise or delegate responsibilities and authority (Byme, 2010). There are various theories of power; the pluralists, elitists and Marxists. Pluralists explain the way power is…

Reaction Paper About UNICEF Cities Failing Children

As a Filipino and youth of this country, I’ve appreciated UNICEF’s efforts in regards with the children who are in need. It is not easy to aggregate data of the country’s status just to check how are the citizens especially the children are treated and supported by the countries, particularly of their local governments or…

Elections, Political Parties, and Civil Society in Authoritarian Regimes

Within many Authoritarian Regimes, the conditions are very similar and the political participation becomes severely limited. The following essay will attempt to briefly capture a few key characteristics of two countries in terms of elections, political parties, and the role of civil societies within the state. The two countries that I will be discussing are…

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